Robert Little Public School Additions and Alterations

Robert Little Public School in Acton, Ontario was built on an existing school site in 1950. It was added to in 1960 and 1967. This project entailed a diversified programme to solve various issues. The scope included the enlargement of the existing Administration Area, Gym. and the addition 4 new Classrooms and provision for the renovation of two existing Classrooms into Junior Kindergarten Rooms.

New windows and in-fill stucco panels were provided to an existing Classroom wing and air Conditioning was provided to the renovated Administration Area.

A further requirement dealt with the replacement of existing vehicular site circulation, bus turning, and parking issues as well as a Baseball Field with an in ground viewing area.

Client: The Halton Board of Education
Location: Acton, Ontario
Completion Date: 1992
Architects: Eric Connolly Architect
Project Team: Eric Connolly, Dan Chalykoff, Ken Del Piero, Paula Bowley
Consultants: Fyfe Scinocca Engineering (Structural)
Thomas A. Fekete (Mechanical/Electrical)
James F. Vermeulen (Cost Consultant)
Site: An existing Public School

Provision of site improvements, window replacement and additions to gymnasium, Administration and 4 new Classrooms

General Contractor: THM Construction Ltd.
Construction Cost: $1,700,000. (1991)