Design Principles

Our design principles stem from the idea of "good design manners". It is never our intent to impose a design style or solution on a Client.

We see it as our job to provide clients with our perspective on a specific project's design parameters and potentials and to explore design alternatives with our clients early in the process.

We see a design solution as an evolution of ideas that are elicited from the Client, the Building Programme, Authorities having Jurisdiction, Energy Conservation and the Surrounding Environment.

Our technical detailing for a specific Project evolve from this same principal and is highly influenced by Energy Conservation, Life Time Costing and Building Budgets.

We believe that energy conservation is prerequisite to the design of a building. It is our wish to exceed current Ontario Building Code Energy Conservation requirements. We have worked directly with Energy Conservation / Lifetime Costing Engineers and as a result we have played a part with design Teams in obtaining LEED "Silver Certification" on two recent Projects.

Having a great deal of Construction Phase experience, we recognize the practicalities of construction and we reflect this in our Contract Documents.