Client - Architect

The complexities of obtaining various approvals leading to the implementation of a Building Project have lead to a real need for a Consultant to act as a liaison between the Client and the Municipality. Eric Connolly Architect has often provided Preconsultation Services to Clients looking toward a Building Project. Often these Preconsultations have led to formal Civic Preconsultation Meeting Attendance with our Client, Municipal and Regional Staff. These meetings may be followed up with Feasibility Studies for Corporate or Public Organizations as a precursor to the traditional Architectural Services.

The Firm has a great deal of experience facilitating Projects which have a Committee Organization acting as Client. We feel that we have demonstrated an ability to effectively work with Committees providing direction and advice to implementing a Construction Project.

Eric Connolly Architect’s work has led to many repeat Client Projects.

The construction process itself can at times be daunting to Clients. Eric Connolly Architect takes particular pride in their Contract Administration Services during the Construction Period. During this period the Firm co-ordinates information between Client and Builder and sees its role as an equal partner along with the Client and Builder. During the realization of a given Project through this phase, we issue:

  • Contemplated Change Orders
  • Change Orders
  • Site Instructions and we Certify Payments to the Contractor.

We also issue Site Review Reports and provide a Final Deficiency Report prior to the Final Commissioning and Occupancy of the Building. As a Final Service we conduct a one year Guarantee Period Review and Report.

Budget Control

Meeting a Clients construction budget is a fundamental part of good Building Design. We have determined that providing Clients with an accurate construction cost plan early in the process is essential. We suggest that such a Project Cost Plan be reviewed at completion of Schematic Design and again during the Construction/Permit Phase. We recognize the danger of costing Projects on square footage costs.

To this end, it is our habit to offer Public and Corporate Clients with full Cost Planning Sub-consultants. This sub-consultant is a qualified Quantity Surveyor who works at “arms length” from both the Client and the Architect. As indicated above, the success of Cost Planning lies in an early Cost Plan created at the earliest possible time in the design process. From that time forward, the Cost Plan is re-examined on a regular basis up to the time of Tendering the Project.