What Municipal Approvals will I Need to Build My Project? Can an Architect Help?

by Eric Connolly, B.Arch, Envir. Studies, MOAA, MRAIC

There is a large public misunderstanding with respect to obtaining "Approval" to proceed with a Building Project.

It is important to understand that "Approval" entails two distinct but related issues. One involves "Land Use" issues and the other involves "Building Permit" issues. A Client, with best of intentions, may pursue answers to one set of issues but will NOT be aware of the need to resolve the other set of potential issues.

Land Use issues deal with Zoning By-laws as set out by the Municipality and Planning Law as set out by the Municipality, the Region or the Province. In this case "Approval" includes meeting the municipal Zoning By-laws and Planning Law requirements and may also include meeting the requirements of Conservation Authorities, the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Mineral, Mines and Resources, the Ministry of Health and others.

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What is an Architect and What Does an Architect Do?

by Eric Connolly, B.Arch, MOAA, MRAIC

An Architect is a person or entity registered and licensed to use the title "Architect" and to practice architecture in the Province of Ontario. Architects are qualified to design and provide advice on built forms in the both the public and private domains.

The process of “building making” is both a science and an art form which combines artistic imagination and scientific vision to design objects in space through form, light, texture, materials and colour. “Building Making” has become complex stemming from complicated Client Structures, Construction Organizations, New Building Techniques and Building Science, Legal Responsibilities, Public Safety and Ethics.

Architects can be described as Conductors who orchestrate all of the various goals and participants involved with creating a building form and as Councillors to assist in disparate and conflicting ideas involved in the building process.

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