About Us

Office Background

Eric Connolly Architect was established 1989. It is based in a renovated 19th century house in the historic downtown area in, Georgetown, (Halton Hills), Ontario.

The principals' background is mainly in the area of Public Building projects. That experience has created a similar focus for current projects, although the nature of a "small-town" practice has brought a wide range of project types to the offices' attention.

Projects have been diverse in terms of programme, size and the architect’s role. While this role is traditionally as prime consultant, we have also worked comfortably as sub-consultants with envelope specialists, engineers and Project Managers as the prime consultants. We provide partial service of as well as "full service" components for the Design and Implementation of a Project.


Established in 1989 the Firm employs 4 to 6 staff. The principal takes a "hands-on" approach to all projects throughout their various stages from design to contract administration. 

The office is also able to draw on additional local drafting consultants when workload demands. These Consultants have worked with the office previously and understand our working process and design philosophy.

The Firm provides full computer drafting services utilizing Auto-CAD and Photoshop.

Sub-consulting Services

The practice offers a full range of sub-consulting services including Quantity Surveying (cost control), Civil and Site Service Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mechanical/Electrical Engineering and Landscape Architecture.

Co-ordination between the Architect and his Sub-consultants is essential to successful documentation for a Building Project. Eric Connolly Architect has established a report with its Sub-consultants which the Firm has worked with for well over 15 years.

Project Communication

Our Firm takes on a Project with a view that throughout its duration and during all phases of work, that ongoing dialogue with our Client, our sub-consultants and authorities having jurisdiction is necessary and fundamental to the Projects success. We schedule regular Project Meetings with set Agendas throughout the Projects various Phases and we remain in contact with the Client through the various decision making milestones via checklists, memos and e-mails. The Firm has a great deal of experience facilitating Projects which have a Committee Organization acting as Client. We feel have demonstrated an ability to effectively work with Committees providing direction and advice to implementing a Construction Project.

Eric Connolly Architect’s work has led to many repeat Client Projects.